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Every Image has a True Story

Professional photographers always tell stories through their pictures. A certain story from a time, place and a context. However, photographers increasingly experience that their photos are misused out of context to tell other stories. Untrue stories.

The Truthmark Initiative is supported by Canon and puts photographers in front to tell the true story behind their pictures – and ensure that story stays attached to their pictures as they travel the world.

Meet the Truthtellers

Some call them photographers, we call them truthtellers.

Ivor Prickett

“Pictures can be used for the wrong reasons so easily these days and there is nothing more frustrating as a photographer – and that’s what we’re constantly trying to combat now. To be sure our pictures are being used in the right way, and in the way that we intended them to be used”

Daniel Etter

“The problem is nowadays Youtube channels, Instagram channels, sometimes have a much higher reach than traditional news outlets, and they have a power, that is unimaginable and there is no standard of fact checking and they will not lose their jobs if they manipulate media.”

Johnny Haglund

“I’ve had many incidents where I don’t recognise the stories published with my images, and the information was just wrong. If you have many of those episodes you lose your credibility as a photo-journalist. I think it’s very important to tell the true story behind each photograph. And we have to find a way for people to find the truth. That’s the future.”

How it works

01. Apply for an account

Get a verified account. It won’t take long and it will help us ensure that it’s not just anyone who can attach stories to an image.

02. Select images

Choose a single image or a whole series that you want to secure the true story behind.

03. Write the truth

What happened on the day, what was the events leading to the situation, are there things you cannot see in the image?

Mark the truth now

No images will be used without permission, or shared with third-party accounts, and is stored with one purpose only: to protect the truth behind the image.